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Viesca La Olla

viesca la olla
How is your Mercaplana tree doing?

It’s time to give it a new home so it can grow big and strong in a new forest in Gijón. Would you like to join us?

There will be designated free buses for everyone. Limited capacity.

If you come by bus it is compulsory to register between March 1st and 12th.

Where do I have to register?


11.15h Departure from Palacio Valdés Street.
11.45h Arrival at Monte Deva.
12.00h Tree planting.
12.15h Cider and water tasting alongside mythological characters from la Viesca.
13.30h Day’s end and return to the buses.

If you don’t want to use our free buses, you can come by car:

The main access is done using the road from Gijón to Villaviciosa (N-632), at the Alto del Infanzón we’ll take the detour by Camino de Peón (AS-331), following the road that will take us to Cementerio de Deva, and once we have passed it, we’ll take a forest trail located at our right until we arrive to Monte Deva’s recreational area using Repoblación’s road.

Parque Forestal Monte Deva

Adrress GijónAsturias