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Gijón, free of tax havens


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The plenary meeting has agreed to adopt measures to reduce the global impact of the so called tax havens and encourage companies' fiscal behavior towards responsible practices.

The plenary meeting of November 16th, 2016 saw the political parties Foro, Xixón Sí Puede and Izquierda Unida present a proposal to declare Gijón a "tax haven free zone", which was approved.

The agreement pointed out the reasons as to why tax havens create dysfunctions at a global and local level: they facilitate money laundering and corruption, finance organized crime, mafias and terrorist groups, conceal weapon trafficking and other activities that go against the Human Rights Declaration and the common good. Thusly, different international actors have taken the necessary steps to enforce a higher degree of control about the use of tax havens by big companies to avoid taxes.

City Councils can contribute to reduce global impact caused by tax havens and try to steer the companies fiscal behavior towards responsible practices thanks to a better control over the local public procurement, so they follow free market conditions and not fiscal dumping,watching out for the sustainability of public resources.

Gijón City Council agrees to the following:

1. Look for legal formulas that permit the addition of clauses in the Orders for Responsible Procurement promoting that tenderers, hiring companies, as well as their subsidiaries or conduit companies in the list of tax havens approved by the Real Decreto 1080/1991 de 5 de julio (Royal Decree 1080/1991, July5th), its modifications and updates and those approved by European institutions, do not engage in operations regarding public procurements, as well as excluding companies convicted for money laundering, tax evasion and fraud against the Public Finances or that have not taken measures to correct their fiscal practices.

2. Call for tenderers, according to the legal possibilities, to make a declaration about the operations made in tax havens as aforementioned and requiring the company to prove the relationship with tax havens without incurring in illegal actions, the relevant informationabout those actions as stated in the terms concerning the applicable normative, being able to use as a reference the "Code of Good Tributary Practices"approved by the Tax Agency.

3. Make the adopted compromise public with this proposal, broadcasting it amongst the residents as well engage them in talks with Oxfam Intermon, the different governments in the Principality of Asturias and Spain and the Ministry of Finance.

You can check the full text on this link (point 4, page 115): Access the Plenary Session Document in Spanish

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