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The submission period for proposals about the Participative Budget is open


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You can present your proposal to improve Gijón!
Do you have any proposal to improve Gijón?

On May 22nd the submission period to present investment proposals for 2018 was opened. It is the second edition of the Participative Budget for our city.

The proposals can be presented digitally through the website (also accessible through the participation website ) until July 7th. You can debate about proposals and gather other people's support, which will be necessary for any proposal to succeed.

The proposals can also be presented in the Citizen Services Offices of the Integrated Municipal Centres at L'Arena, El Coto, El Llano, Pumarín-Gijón Sur and La Calzada Atheneum, as well as Antigua Pescadería Municipal and the Antiguo Hogar Maternal (Pink House). For the proposals presented this way, the submission period will end June 17th, so there is enough time to gather support through the electronic platform.

You have access to the section Descarga de formularios (Download application forms) on the website to get the necessary forms to present the proposals physically, as well as the representation form in case of legal entities. Nevertheless, we recommend you use the digital platform, since it allows complete participation and has all the information related any single project in one place.

To support the process in this initial phase we are carrying out DELIBERATIVE SPACES, group reunions to share ideas and obtain as much information as possible related to the participative budget. There are deliberative spaces planned in all the districts of Gijón and the rural area, at different times and days of the week.

Moreover, from May 24th to July 6th there will be support staff at the MEDIA LIBRARIES to help whoever needs it regarding signing up and using the platform.

You can check all the dates and times clicking here.

We encourage you to participate!
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