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SOISEX is back on


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The Servicio de Orientación e Información Sexual (SOISEX, or Sexual Counselling and Information Service) is back on after August's break. Get an appointment at
SOISEX XIXÓN is a personal free counseling service that can answer any question you may have about contraception and sexual health, love relationships, identity and orientation, conflict management, emotional communication through social networks, etc.

Specialized treatments or therapies are not included in any case. The services offered are based on giving information and orientation about any theme related with your sexuality, and referring you to specific services according to your needs.

We also offer specific education for education centres in the city, talks, materials and support resources, and most importantly, we listen to all your requests!

During the year we have been active, we have made two information materials:

Servicio de orientación e información sexual SOISEX. Our first information material, where we talk about sex, orientation, identity, sexuality, erotica, sexism… We have included an index with entities, associations and collectives that develop activities related to sexuality.

Sexualidad, convivencia y redes sociales: ¡Hablando claro! The second information material where we talk about the keys to interact online properly, erotica online, situations or relationships of abuse or violence that can happen online and how to prevent and overcome them.

The service is made up of 4 professionals with education specialized in Sexology. If you want to contact us, you can do it through the email

On-site attention with prior appointment: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00

Youth Information Office

Antiguo Instituto Culture Centre ( Jovellanos Street, 21)
33201 Gijón/Xixón

Phone: 985 18 10 95You can also get to know our day-to-day thanks to social media: