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The Programme for Educational Innovation intends to promote technologies and STEAM competences in alumni from schools, high schools and vocational education centres as well as in teachers from Gijón. The centres interested must register online using their Citizen Card. The registration period is from September 4th to the 29th 2017
This programme uses technology as a base, with innovation as its identity mark and will have highly qualified professionals. Participants will get to know state-of-the-art technology through an experience that wants to influence their future, showing them the opportunities opened by a knowledge society.

Visits to the Gijón Tecnolab space. Technology shows.
Experiment sessions (sessions to get to know different disciplines: robotics, minecraft education and app development).
Project development workshops (robotics, videogame designing, kids fad lab, 3D printing toys, Minecraft education, school of data fad lab creation and 3D printing, drone assembling and Python programming.).
Education for teachers – Resources to promote STEAM competences
  • Unit 1. Innovation and Digital creativity in the classroom. Digital competences and STEAM competences
  • Unit 2. Resources and applications to innovate in the classroom (augmented reality, infographics, analysis and data visualization, mobile apps, etc.)
  • Unit 3. Introduction to programming and robotics in the classroom
  • Unit 4. Responsible and safe use of ICT
  • Unit 5. Social networks in the education field
Smart Kids Project
Creating Innovative Talent Project

The present project is framed within the Gijón Strategic Plan 2026 and in the Social Concertation Agreement Gijón Crece 2016-2019, specifically under the Knowledge Society and Technology programme. This programme intends to develop a comprehensive strategy to promote innovation at early ages, as well as education in disciplines and skills related to science, art, engineering, mathematics and technology. Thus activities for children and teenagers to get them closer to technologies (programming, robotics, 3D design and printing, app development, etc.), promote innovation and creativity, digital competences and technology entrepreneurship will be developed.


Local Agency for Economic Promotion and Employment

Phone: 985 181 572 / 73


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