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Domestic Composting Campaign 2018


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Gijón/Xixón City Council joins the domestic composting campaign for the seventh year in a row.
Beginning in 2012, Gijón/Xixón City Council collaborates with COGERSA with the distribution and education of individuals who want to transform the resides from their small gardens or the vegetable residues from their kitchen and transform it in compost.

Thanks to this collaboration, more than 700 composters have been distributed amongst families from Gijón.

Do you want to participate?

Do you have a garden and want to join more than 9,000 families in Asturias who capitalize their organic residues to transform it into compost? COGERSAand the Asturian City Councils are launching a new edition of the Domestic Composting campaign.

Sign up and discover a way to transform your residues into resources!

How do you make a good compost?

You can begin your compost journey by joining the talks being made throughout the duration of the campaign or in the guide created by COGERSA.

How do I sign up for the campaign?

You must fill the application form and present it at any municipal registry before February 28th 2018.

Conditions to register

  1. You can't have participated in previous editions.
  2. You can't have another composter supplied by COGERSA.
  3. You have a garden in your main residence or close-by. If demand is higher than the number of available composters, those participants whose garden is within the municipality they live in will take precedence.
  4. You commit to using the composter facilitated by COGERSA daily to transform residues into compost.
  5. You will attend the education session celebrated at the time and location specified, which will be made public soon.
  6. You will attend the reinforcing session celebrated at the time and location specified, which will be made public soon.
  7. You will help the follow-up tasks carried out by the COGERSA's Environmental Education department staff.

What will I receive from COGERSA?

  • Participants will receive a 340 liters composter.
  • The necessary education to use it and make good quality compost.
  • A guide.
  • Follow-ups and guidance from COGERSA's Environmental Education department.

More information

For the whole duration of the year, we will answer your questions at 900 14 14 14 and the, and moreover, you can participate in activities like the Families Composting meetings or the yearly "I Make Good Compost".
Failure to comply to these conditions entails a discharge from the campaign, and the composter's subsequent return.