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Town twinning agreement : 1995

Smara also known as Semara is a Sahrawi city to the northeast of Western Sahara. It has been an important caravan route from Western Africa. The city is a refugee camp.

Sahrawi refugees are organized into provinces called 'wilayas', which in turn, are divided into 'dairas' with their own schools and hospital. Smara , whose population is over 50,000 inhabitants, is divided into six "dairas" (district , locality, town council ).

The city has a hospital providing services for the whole Wilaya-province , primary , secondary and higher education schools with a bilingual syllabus (Arabic and Spanish ) and a Professional and Technical Teaching Centre as well as a school for disabled people, which is run by women.

It is noteworthy that university education depends only on cultural agreements and international solidarity and friendship.

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