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Telematic Procedures System

Foto que representa un símbolo de arrobaStarted by Gijón City Council from the 12th of July 2004, facilitates the complete telematic procedure of
a request, for the applicant and the Administration, since it allows to present in electronic format the
application and the requested documentation, the follow up of the situation of the requests, the
reception and sending of electronic documents including, whenever needed, the licence or
authorization document as well as the electronic payment of municipal taxes.

Access screenThe System does not require the installation of any computer programme in either the
citizen's or the company's computer. The only requirement is a browser to be able to connect to the

Telematic Procedures SystemInternet address and the possibility to create electronic documents by any
device (scanner, digital camera, etc.), exclusively in Adobe PDF format for documents created on

Once the firm is Foto que muestra el contenido inical de una barra de navegación de un navegadorregistered as a system user, a service request is initiated by filling in a simple Internet
application form in HTML and by enclosing the requested electronic documentation in the specified PDF
format. The same system makes the follow up of the situation of the procedures easier, as well as the
downloading of all documents related to the application sent by the Gijón City Council.

The main characteristics of the System are:

  • On-line 24 hours, 365 days a year, from any computer provided with an Internet connection.
  • Security when accessing the System, identifying accurately the service applicant with the Citizen
  • Card and the PIN number given at the same time to the holder.
  •  Clarity and simplicity of use so that its utilization will be intuitive and natural.
  •  Structured application forms that are easy and quick to fill in.
  • Easy to create and attach the documentation requested in electronic format.
  • Automatic and immediate allocation of the electronic report unique reference from the time the
  • application has been presented.
  • Presentation of the application directly to the unit responsible for its procedure.
  • Continual follow up of the state of proceedings of the presented application forms.