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Services offered

Oficina virtualCurrently, the services offered within the Telematic Procedures System and related to the Citizen Security Areas and Traffic and Urbanism are:

  • Authorization for loading/unloading not related to urban works.
  • Authorization for loading/unloading related to urban works.
  • Licence for minor work in commercial premises or housing.
  • Licence for retiling roofs of buildings.
  • Licence for repairing building façades (exterior or patio).
  • Licence for installation, assembly, period of stay and dismantling of building travelling crane.
  • Licence for occupation of public ways with fences, scaffolds, silos, lifting platforms or materials collection.
  • Licence for building signs (Keep clear).
  • Likewise, there is a possibility to attach documentation and information requested by the Administration, to request the cancellation of a previously presented application or to propose suggestions or incidences related to the
  • The services offered currently represent 22.5% of the total of the applications presented in Gijón City Council from the year 2000.
  • Other services in high demand and interest for companies as well as for citizens will be incorporated progressively.

More Information

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