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Laboral Art and Industrial Creation Centre

The Citizen Card grants access to theLABoral Art and Industrial Creation without cost. Other visitors will have top ay the stipulated entry fee.You can check theFees and Timetable.

Municipal museums

Entry will be free of charge for Citizen Card holders that can confirm their identity and present it on any of theGijón/Xixón municipal museums network.

Signing up for Gijón City Council activities and courses

The Citizen Card is needed to sign up for different courses and activities as a valid form of identification.

You can do it through the web or at any Citizen Terminal. It will display different options like inscriptions, bookings, renovation, being able to check a list of Gijón City Council activities and courses, as well as printing any related certificates.

How to obtain the Census Registration note

Be it through the web or at any Citizen Terminal, the Citizen Card allows the holder to obtain the Census Registration note.

Checking the census data

Be it through the web or at any Citizen Terminal, the Citizen Card allows the older to check his or her census data.

Access to the General Registry

Any person in possession of a Citizen Card can electronically present forms, documents and notifications to the City Council, Municipal companies and other related Autonomous bodies; the holder will also be able to present the necessary documentation in any required process. It can be done through the Web or at any Citizen Terminal equipped with a documents mailbox (namely those in Viesques, the "Antiguo Hogar" administrative building, Local Police, and Coto, Gijón Sur, El Llano and Ateneo La Calzada Integrated Municipal Centres).


The Citizen Card offers special prices for groups and ticket discounts atGijón Aquarium for children and adults.You can check theFees and Timetable.

010 - Gijón Answers

The Citizen card grants you access to personal information (municipal census, status of applications being processed, etc.) as well as being able to sign up for sports and cultural courses organized by Gijón City Council through the new010 call centre service.

Gijón Moves

Thanks to the Gijón moves service, the Citizen Card lets the companies from the Scientific and Technology Park use the electric car sharing service.

Rechargind the electric vehicle

The Citizen Card is needed to sign up for it. Once the Card has been obtained, it will need to be activated; you have to visit EDP’s commercial office at Calle Canga Arguelles (Antigua Fábrica del Gas). Your card will be completely activated in a couple of days. 

There will be no charge for this service. The first issue of the Citizen Card, signing up for the service, the consuming-related cost and the parking time do not have added costs.

You can recharge the electric vehicle at any of the following locations:

  • Canga Argüelles area
  • El Molinón area, Parque de Isabel la Católica
  • Pescadería area
  • The Sience Park’s parking lot
  • El Llano Municipal Centre (Calle Rio de Oro nº 37).
  • CRISTASA (La Calzada). At the moment this location is limited to the exclusive use of that Business Centre.

The system is compatible with other two EDP locations outside of Gijón, the ones at IKEA (Siero). Another location is set to be available at Candás (Carreño) in the near future.

The electric vehicles’ recharging connector type is a Schuko model. It is a universal connector and is used in the majority of electric vehicles.