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AlcaldesaMayoress' welcome

Dear Resident,

Gijón welcomes you through its website, an internet portal for resident services, which has only one goal- to establish a meeting place and a direct channel of communication between the Town Hall and the residents. We encourage you to absorb yourselves in it, to consult it, to research and to navigate through this easy to use website, where you will be able to access all the activities of the Town Hall and of your city.

The Town Hall of Gijón is the house of all “gijoneses” and this website is the portal that will take you to it. We all make up part of this house and we belive in Gijón and in the people of Gijón because we are sure that a promising future awaits us in a city that enjoys all of the four seasons; on each street and on every corner. An open, vibrant, cosmopolitan and dynamic metropolis.

Gijón is a city that overlooks the sea and we also want it to be a city that is full of opportunities, one that supports talent, innovative ideas, culture, art, technology, job creation, sustainability…

We are a part of Gijón, of its present and its future. And you are too.

Carmen Moriyón,
Mayoress of Gijón