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Citizen Services & Districts

This service is the first to contact citizens. The aim of this service is to make things easier for everybody. We try to make procedures easy and fast so that submitting documents, carrying out procedures, asking for information, getting advice on work offers and any announcement from the City Council of Gijón, taking part in the diverse activities that take part in the municipality, making complaints or suggestions, etc...

This is so thanks to the network of Citizen Services Offices. Thanks to these offices, citizens no longer have to go to the city centre. There are Citizen Services Offices in the different districts of the city. It is also worthmentioning the constant effort made by the City Council to develop online procedures through its Web. There are also citizen cash-points and the 060 Net where procedures from every Public Service are available.

Should you prefer to carry out your procedures in person, just come to your nearest Citizen Service Office and we would do our best to help you.For further information related to Citizen Services,

There is no need to go to the Plaza Mayor to do any procedure. There are a number of Citizen Services Offices near your home or business to do any procedure you should require efficiently and more conveniently.There are six Citizen Services Offices at your disposal.

We are delighted to help you complete any procedure you require and to answer any query or to take into account any suggestion for bettering municipal services.

These are some of the services we provide:
  • Access to official bulletins (BOE and BOPA).
  • Municipality census notes.
  • Claims on breaches related to consumption.
  • Checking lists of those admitted and those not admitted in the different staff selection processes.
  • Checking the status of the existing City Council records.
  • Asking for certificates testifying a person is still alive to complete the procedures to get foreign subsidies.
  • Asking for or renewing the large family status.
  • Making pleas of not guilty to traffic sanctions.
  • Renewing or asking for parking places for those vehicles carrying people with limited mobility.
  • Attaining permission to carry out minor works by means of the quick-cycle procedure.
  • Delivery of any kind of application forms or documents at our Admission Registry networking with the General Registry of the City Council.