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The Gijón Citizen Card


Gijón can now fit in your pocket. The City Council has become accessible and closer to your needs, thanks to the Citizen Card. It is a multi-purpose facility that anyone can enjoy. This card can be used by residents and visitors alike.

The Gijón Citizen Card is a master key that allows access to many public services in the quickest and simplest way possible. It can be used to pay for bus fares, as a personal identity card in public swimming pools and libraries or to pay for the O.R.A. (parking meters). However the current services are only the beginning. Gradually, the document will gain versatility as new uses are added to it.

The City Council is energetically promoting the modernization and improvement of public services. We aim to keep the capacity as an organization and its efficiency in line with the current times and with the city and its demands. Above all, our objective is that every resident knows and feels that the public Administration works well, appreciates the people`s needs and provides a service that saves time and unnecessary complications.

This new electronic Citizen Card has been created from a determined strategy by constructing " integrated" centers in the neighborhood and reforming internal procedures as well as promoting investment in management tools and the quality certification of ISO in the public service.

With the Citizen Card the administration requirements of procedure become simpler, and the actions quicker. That way we all gain time and quality of life.

Access the Citizen Card site in Spanish.