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General information

TarjetaWhat is it?

The Citizen Card of the Gijón City Council is a multi-purpose document. It is useful as personal identification for its holder in certain services and in public procedural steps as well as to pay for public transport and the O.R.A. (parking meters).

This card is exclusively personal and non-transferable. It substitutes other identification systems, previously in use, like the library card or the public swimming pool pass. The document will be essential in order to use any of these services but it also allows the holder to have access to the rest of the services.

Who can apply for the Citizen Card?

Anybody who uses public services can apply for the Citizen Card, regardless of whether they are a resident in Gijón

How can the personal details be modified?

All users of the Citizen Card can exercise, with no cost, the right of access, correction, cancellation and opposition of his personal details, within the terms stated in the Organic Law 15/1999,through an application form addressed to the Gijón City Council. It must be accompanied by a photocopy of the identity card and any other certifying documents (whenever needed).

What happens if my card does not work?

If the card does not work properly, it can be taken to any of the Citizen Service Offices where you will quickly be provided with a new one, without any extra cost.

What if I have added funds via Web and it does not work?

After recharging your card through the City Council’s Web, it is necessary to activate it in any of the municipal bus lines after 45 minutes have passed since the moment of the purchase.

What if I have added funds using a Terminal and it does not work?

In this case you must visit one of the Citizen Services Offices with the terminal’s proof of purchase. If you don’t have any proof of purchase, you will have to state the operation’s date, location and time.

Do the Citizen Cards expire?

Even though some first issues may show an expiry date, Citizen Cards do not expire.

Is the Citizen Card necessary to sign up for sports and cultural activities?

If you want to sign up using Gijón City Council’s web, you need the Citizen Card.

If you want to sign up physically at any of theCitizen Services Offices, you only need to have applied for the Citizen Card and know its number.

How much does it cost?

The Citizen Card will be issued by the Gijón City Council to whoever applies for it totally free of charge. Its renewal due to expiring or changing services will not carry any additional cost.

In case of loss, damage or theft, the Card holder can apply for a new one but will be required to pay a the fee as established in the Taxes and Municipal Public Prices Regulatory Ordinances.
The duplicate will be free of charge if:
  • The previous issue has been collected inside three months before the application form's presentation.
  • The applicant is entitled to it tax free, due to public transport.
  • The application form's presentation is due to the previous card being stolen and a copy of the police station's complaint is presented.

Where can it be applied for?

Application requests must be made in any of the Citizen Service Offices
The Card can also be applied for by filling out the following document and handing it in at any of the previously mentioned Citizen Service Offices.

It is necessary to present the necessary application form to obtain the Citizen Card, as well as:

  • For natural persons:National Identity Card (DNI) and a Passport sized photo. If the applicant is a minor, the father, mother or legal tutor will act as representative and present their DNI, the minor's Passport sized photo and the family register.
  • For legal entities, professional association members, organisations, resident associations and any other non-legal entity, a company or association logo (if they do not have one, @cerca project's logo will be used), tax identification number (CIF), articles of association or justification that they are legally incorporated and their representative, alongside the accredited documentation that justifies his representation.

Where can it be collected?

  • Through Gijón City Council's Web. The Citizen Card can be received by ordinary mail or collected at any of the Citizen Services Offices as indicated by the applicant in the application form, and will be accompanied by an information letter containing instructions on how to obtain the PIN code, which will be necessary to carry out any procedure nneding personal identifications through this code. While the card is being processed the applicant will receive the card number and a provisional PIN code through electronic mail so he or she can access the Virtual Office in the meantime.
  • Physically, you can obtain your Citizen Card at any of the Citizen Services Offfices in the same moment you present your application, with its corresponding PIN code.

How can I add funds to the Citizen Card?

The Citizen Card needs to be recharged to make payments. It can be done in:

  • Any of the Citizen Terminals.
  • Through the Web or the official Gijón bus app. In this case the activation will take place the moment a travel is made in any of the municipal bus lines, 45 minutes after the purchase has been made.
  • Any of the city’s available establishments.
  • The card’s recharge regarding payment of the ORA zone parking tickets will be made in the public road’s parking meters.

The Citizen Card’s recharge is an operation without commissions or added costs for its holder.

It is possible to check its balance and activity through the web and the Citizen Terminals.