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Payment of the bus transport


This system allows you to add funds to the card’s electronic wallet. The ticket’s price will be subtracted every time the holder uses any bus.

The quantity subtracted will depend on the type of fee the holder is credited with: bus card, under 13 card, free social card, reduced social card, over 65 card, under 26 card or any other payment that may have been charged to the Citizen Card.

The under 13 card’s free-of-charge nature and the over 65 and under 26 cards discounts are applied directly when the Citizen Card is used, without request.

The holder must fulfill the following conditions to obtain the free social Card:

  • Applicant must go to his or her assigned Social Services Centre, depending on his or her place of residence; once granted, the reduced social Card will be activated in any of theCitizen Services Offices.
  • The free social Card can be applied for in any of the Citizen Services Offices, as long as proof is presented about being the recipient of a non-contributory pension; the Card will be activated the same moment the application is presented.

You have the right to transfer for free between different lines for up to 45 minutes.

This card can be recharged with a maximum of 30 € without any commission charges or expenses for the citizen.
Go to EMTUSA (Municipal Company of Urban Transport)

Payment of O.R.A. (parking meters)

The parking (O.R.A.) can be paid with the Citizen Card in the parking meters equipped to that effect,  using the magnetic band in the card. We can also recharge the card with a maximum of 6 € in the parking meters, as is happening at present.