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Gijón City Council assumes the responsibility to continually improve the quality of the public services it provides by adopting measures that articulate a functioning model completely oriented towards the citizens, companies and associations as the main parties of interest affected by the Public Administration activities.

The public bodies and entities have the opportunity to offer new and improved services, making them more accessible and closer to the citizens. Gijón City Council wants to make the most of this opportunity because of its strategic value.

As per Article9 of the Reglamento de Organización,Funcionamiento y Régimen Jurídico del Ayuntamiento de Gijón(Gijón City Council’s Regulation on the Organization, Operation and Legal Status), the employment and application of techniques and electronic and telematic means will be promoted to bolster administrative activity, file processing and communication with the citizens during the development of their activity and exercise of their competences within the limitations established by the Constitution and the laws regarding the use of these means.

Citizens and companies are currently demanding that the public bodies and entities offer their services using multiple channels aside from the on-site one, like by phone or online, much like the private companies are already doing. The use of these new delivery channels is becoming increasingly common, to the point where it does not currently incur in any impediment, restriction or difficulty.

Once implemented and integrated with success the different information systems needed by a Local Administration, Gijón City Council has initiated the process to provide quality services through telematic means thanks to the Internet, launching its Virtual Office which offers services in high demand and interest for the citizens, companies and associations.

If you want to find some tutorials about how to use the Virtual Office, you can find them here: Access Video Tutorials.