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Privacy Policy


The website of the City Council of Gijón seeks to promote citizen's access to information concerning initiatives, services and policies of the City Council of Gijón. The aim of the municipal employees who are responsible for the maintenance of this website is to ensure the updating and the accuracy of the aforesaid information as well as to try to correct those mistakes that are identified.

However, the City Council of Gijón does not assume any responsibility regarding the material included on these pages. Such material:

  • Consists only of general public information.
  • Does not necessarily offer exhaustive, full, exact or updated information.
  • Occasionally contains links to external sites, over which the municipal services do not have any control. They reject any kind of responsibility over these pages.
  • Does not offer any professional, legal or technological advice. If you wish to make an enquiry of this kind, please speak to a skilled professional.
  • It must be taken into account that we cannot guarantee that an on-line document exactly reproduces an official text because there can be some changes carried out involuntary or forced by non authorized persons. Therefore, the only documents to be considered as authentic will be those documents of the City Council of Gijón published in the Spanish Official State Gazette, the Principality of Asturias Official Gazette and the Municipal Information Gazette.

The City Council of Gijón seeks to minimize the problems caused by technological errors. Some data or information contained in its websites may have been created or structured using mistaken files or formats, due to which we cannot guarantee that our service will not beak down or be affected in any way by such problems.

The City Council of Gijón does not assume any responsibility regarding such problems that can result from the visit to our website or to those external sites to which users may be redirected.

This disclaimer has neither the aim of limiting the responsibility of the City Council in contradiction with provisions included in applicable regulations, nor of excluding its responsibility in those cases, in virtue of which, it cannot be excluded.